Metal NFC Business Cards

Instantly connect and make a big impression with Metal NFC Cards. Standard pricing in the table below includes our Stainless Steel Natural Finish, 1 screen printed color on both sides of the card, any silver laser etching, surface etching, custom cutout areas, and encoding of the NFC Chip.

To use our custom card builder, login using the "My Account" button, select your quantity and explore add-ons like upgraded finishes, additional printed colors, variable data and more!


Qty Price (C)
2500 $7.08
1000 $7.50
500 $7.75
250 $8.00
100 $8.42
50 $12.08
25 $21.67
5 $91.67
1 $250.00

Metal Finish

Natural Finish (Stainless Steel): FREE
Brushed Finish (Stainless Steel): +$0.63 (V) Per Card
Black Metal Finish: +$0.63 (V) Per Card
White Metal Finish: +$0.63 (V) Per Card
Copper Metal Finish: +$0.63 (V) Per Card
Brass Metal Finish: +$0.63 (V) Per Card
Rose Gold Finish: +$0.63 (V) Per Card
Gunmetal Finish: +$0.63 (V) Per Card

Decoration Options

Laser Etched: FREE
Screen Printing - (1 Color Included): +$0.19 (V) Per Add. Color, Per Card
Full Color Printing: +$0.94 (V) Per Side

Variable Data
Laser Etched: +$0.25 (V) Per Card
Screen Printed: +$0.94 (V) Per Card
Variable QR Code: +$0.94 (V) Per Card

Additional Options

Card Backing
Adhesive Backing: +$0.19 (V) Per Card
Magnetic Backing: +$0.31 (V) Per Card
Magnetic Stripe: +$0.25 (V) Per Card

Individual Card Sleeves
Clear Plastic Sleeves: FREE
Black Tyvek® Sleeves: +$0.63 Per Card
White Tyvek® Sleeves: +$0.31 Per Card

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Key Features

Our Metal NFC Business Cards make it possible to simply tap your card on a smart phone to share information.  And, because they're made of our thick .8mm stainless steel, they're durable, luxurious, and functional!

Grow your business by standing out. Our metal business cards will make you stand out, or we will give you your money back!

What is NFC?  NFC technology - short for Near-Field Communication - allows two devices to communicate over a small distance.  In other words, a physical NFC chip can deliver a link to the receiving smartphone.  The link could be your website, LinkedIn page, or any website you would like your client to visit.  The receiver doesn't even need to download an NFC reader, as most modern smart phones can read NFC chips.

What's the benefit?  Metal business cards are designed to impress, and they do that because they're unique and different.  The addition of an NFC chip to your metal business cards now makes your cards stunning AND functional.  Imagine the wow factor when you tell the person holding your metal business card - who is already stunned and impressed - to simply tap the card to his/her phone to instantly visit your website (or other pre-programmed link).  Simply, and really, really impressive.

These metal business cards are like no other - in addition to simply impressing everyone with the quality of our steel, you'll be able to tap the card to instantly receive more information on a smart phone.  These will absolutely wow anyone who receives one! 

  • 3.46 X 1.96” Dimensions
  • Includes Both Front and Back Side of the Card
  • .8mm Stainless Steel (Roughly Credit Card Thickness)
  • NFC 215 Chip Attached
  • Free NFC Chip Coding
  • Free (1) Screen Printed Color (Front & Back Included)
  • Free Cut-Through Areas and Custom Shape
  • Free Surface Etching (Front & Back Included)
  • Free Individual Protective Plastic Sleeves

Design Details

Metal NFC Card and phone ready to tap to transfer information

Connecting is Only a Tap Away

With Metal NFC Cards, you supply us with the web url or phone number you want us to encode your NFC Cards with and we will do the work for you! Next time you want to easily share information with a potential client, you can rest assured they will want to not only keep your card forever, but they will also have easy access to your contact.

Differnt Stainless Steel Metal Color Fiishes

Premium Finishes on Durable Stainless Steel

Pick from our line-up of durable finishes or go with the natural stainless still finish – you get to pick! Choose from natural Stainless Steel, Black Metal, Copper Finish, White Metal, Rose Gold, Brass Finish and more! Make your cards unique by choosing the finish that matches your style.

Differnt Stainless Steel Metal Color Fiishes
NFC Card In Black and Stainless Steel with Round and Square NFC Tags

Fully Custom Design from Start to NFC

Trust us when we say no other NFC Card will look like yours. Unlike boring NFC Cards and Chips you can find anywhere (even at those big box stores), these cards will make an impact as soon as it meets your eyes. From unique metal finishes, to custom cutouts, printing and the option of a round or square NFC Chip on your card, you are sure to stand out.

NFC Chip in hand

The Small Chip with Big Possibilities

Our NFC 215 Chip is a small chip at only .75" in diameter but with the most memory for complex url's and codes to ensure your card works exactly as you want it to. With Round or Square NFC Chip shapes available, you are in control of choosing a chip that will best fit your branding without sacrificing any memory.

NFC Chip in hand


Can these be used as Contact Cards?

If you prefer to use these as a contact card, we recommend visiting vCard.Link or to create a free custom URL where you can build out a custom contact card. Simply provide us the URL they provide you and we can encode this to your NFC Metal Business Card!

What phones can scan NFC chips?

Nearly all recent smart phones (post 2016) are capable of scanning NFC chips. For Android phones, place the NFC chip on the back center; for Apple iPhones and iPads, scan the chip near the top center of the device.

Can each chip read to a unique code?

Yes, you can have each chip programmed with a different set of data, if you wanted each to be variable. This would be helpful for tracking who might be visiting your site, or for members of a loyalty membership program.

What can I program to the NFC chip?

The chips carry only a small amount of data, so generally a URL to a website is most common. For the NFC 215 chip, the data limit is roughly 200 characters.

How do I encode my NFC chip myself?

Step 1 – Download the application NFC Tools by Wakedev on your iPhone or Android.

Step 2 – Add a record through the “Write” function.

Once downloaded, open the application, and tap “Write” on the first menu. Then, select “Add a record” on the next screen to begin adding your data. Select URL and be sure to enter that URL you would like your card to direct to into the application. To write multiple records of data, repeat this step.

Step 3 – Input the information onto the NFC card

Once you have entered your record onto the application click “Ok” in the top right corner. To encode this information on your card, click on the “Write” option in the next menu. From here it will prompt you to hold your phone near the NFC chip, and encode the chip. You should receive a notification from the app if the encoding is successful. Please note: The locations of the antennas for each phone may vary. iPhones are normally on the top middle of the phone while Androids are typically in the middle back of the phone.

Step 4 – Test the newly encoded chip

You should now be able to use the chip to transfer data on both iPhones and Androids. To see if the data has been encoded simply go back to the main menu screen by clicking “Menu” in the top left corner of the application. Then, tap “Read” and hold the new NFC chip near your phone. Your new data should then appear on the screen.

From there you should be good to go!

What if I don't have artwork?

No problem. Let our in-house artwork team design a card for you based on your current logo or input. We know how to make you look good – guaranteed!

How do I send artwork for my order?

During the order process, first select your quantity. Next, select if you will supply your own artwork, or have our internal design team work on your layout. Either way, you can upload up to three files by clicking the ‘UPLOAD’ buttons under the Artwork Service step.

What’s included with your standard pricing?

We like to make things simple. Our pricing includes NFC 215 Chips, .8mm Thickness Stainless Steel cards, all cut-through areas, all surface-etched areas, rounded corners and one screen printed color. And, each card comes in its own plastic sleeve for protection.

Can each card have a unique name or number?

Yes! We call this variable data - it’s applied with a state-of-the-art laser. You may add this to your order in the check-out process. To specify your variable information, simply upload an Excel file along with your artwork, or note that you would like each card numbered 001 – 100, or 1001 – 1100, etc. You may also specify the font for your variable information. Please call us with any questions.

You may also choose to add on Variable Data to your NFC Chips or Variable QR Codes for an even more personalized experience.

How does NFC work?

NFC chips allow for the wireless transfer of small amounts of data between two devices. Both the chip and receiving device must be held only a few centimeters from each other to work. The data transferred is often a website URL.

Can you pre-program each NFC chip?

Yes! Our pricing includes programming the URL of your choice into each NFC chip. Just let us know what URL or data you would like programmed and your cards will arrive ready-to-scan.

Can you produce custom QR codes that are unique to each card?

Often QR codes are used in addition to the NFC chip. This is especially usefull if the person scanning does not have the capability to read the NFC chip. The NFC chip and QR code work the same in that they both point to a URL.

In our card builder, you can add a static or variable QR code to your card surface. These can match with the destination of the NFC chip on the card.

Can I re-write my NFC chip later?

Yes, we have found a free app called NFC Tools, that is easy-to-use and free on the Apple and Google app stores.

When will I see my first design?

Our in-house graphic design team will render your first digital proof within 24 working hours of your purchase (generally it’s within a few hours, depending on workload).

Once your first proof is complete you will receive an Email with a link to your design for review and approval – please be sure to check your spam folder just in case the Email ends up there.

You can submit any revisions and questions to your designer, or confirm your proof for production through the link that is emailed to you.

How long does it take to create?

General production time is 3 weeks after artwork confirmation. Please call or write for expedited delivery after production.

Is there a set-up fee?

If you are supplying vector artwork in the correct layout, there are no set-up fees. If you would like us to design your card, we offer a design service with up to five changes.

Is rush production and delivery available?

Our standard production time is 2-3 weeks, but if you need expedited production please contact us on our contact page.

Order Process

STEP 1  |  ORDER    Select your quantity and add-on options in the product builder.  No artwork, no problem!  Just add our Card Design Service and provide detailed notes for our internal designers.  Feel free to upload any artwork including drawings, logos, or even a photo of your current card.

STEP 2  |  PROOFING PROCESS    Within 24 hours (Monday through Friday), you will receive a digital proof.  Please note any changes and our designers will work with you until you love your card layout.  Once you're completely satisfied, confirm your artwork for production.

STEP 3  |  PRODUCTION & SHIPPING    After confirming your artwork, you will receive an Email with tracking in roughly 2-3 weeks (please call for expedited options).  Track your order status at any time in the My Account portal on our website.  

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