Top Excavation Business Cards

Published June 16, 2023

Author: My Wholesale Business Card

Top Excavation Business Cards

In the dynamic world of excavation, where precision and efficiency reign supreme, standing out from the crowd can be the ultimate game-changer. Whether your client is a top tier machinist, a skilled operator, or a dedicated professional in the excavation industry, leaving a lasting impression is paramount to achieving their goals.

Unearth why metal business cards have become the secret weapon for excavation industry professionals and unlock a world of inspiration through our remarkable collection of Top Excavation Metal Business Cards. 

These cards embody not only style, durability, and strength but also reflect the unwavering professionalism required in your line of work. Get ready to excavate new opportunities and redefine success with a unique and remarkable metal business card.

10.  Metro To Metal – White Metal Business Card for Excavation

White Metal Business Card

The team at METRO were in search of a standout business card that would give their excavation business a professional edge. A clean and sleek White Metal Business Card lends a classy edge to this rugged profession!

A custom cut through pattern was created to add a unique border to the top and bottom edges of the card. Reminiscent of rocky gravel, the cutout pattern creates a purposeful design element elevating the card.

Using black for their spot color keeps the card clean and with high contrast to help the logo stand out. The bright white and crisp black pairing shine bright without the use of true colors. 

Help your client bulldoze the competition with a custom set of White Metal Business Cards!

9. LIFT Up Your Business – Stainless Steel Business Card for Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Business Card

When Lewis McGee of McGee Equipment was in need of a custom Metal Business Card, we knew our ever-popular Stainless Steel Business Card would be the perfect canvas! 

Working with heavy machinery, the raw metal surface of our Stainless Steel Business Cards matches perfectly with his business. Keeping with the theme, we also used chemical etching to cut through the silhouette of one of their aerial lifts!

We also etched a mesh pattern through the card hugging the left silhouette of the lift, while surface etching a slightly different mesh pattern on the right for a more dynamic look. Surface etching on the right side also leaves more room for essential information on the backside of the card. 

Lift up your client’s business today with Stainless Steel Metal Business Cards!

8. Deadly Designs, This One’s A Kellar – Metal Bottle Opener Card for Excavation

Black Metal Bottle Opener Card

Properly equip your client for their next meeting with a Metal Bottle Opener Business Card!

Specializing in top quality, it’s no wonder that Kellar Equipment was drawn to our custom Metal Bottle Opener Business Cards. Made from extra sturdy 1.5mm stainless steel, these cards are beefy enough to crack open a cold one and stand up to the rugged terrain of the construction site.

Using cut through areas we cut through the stripes of the American flag for an impressive flourish. We also star spangled our banner (aka card) with silver laser etching, popping them out from the dark black background.

Orange and blue spot colors were also used for minimal pops of color and keeping the branding on point.

With cards as functional and impressive as these they are sure to KELL the competition!

7. To The Point – Stainless Steel Business Card for Excavation

Stainless Steel Business Card For Excavation

For Selby Excavation, our classic Stainless Steel Business Cards were a simple yet impactful way to make their next connection!

A popular choice for clients working with machinery and construction, the natural stainless steel of the cards makes for an impressive display, even with a more minimalist approach. A straightforward black spot color helps create a bold logo, without taking away from the metal. 

Further highlighting the features of a metal card, we cut a triangle pattern all the way through the card and created a diamond silhouette in the center, perfectly fitting their logo. 

Your client will never have to settle if they go with metal!

6. Can You Rig It? – Black Metal Business Card for Excavation

Black Metal Business Card For Excavation

RIGGED IN Crane Services needed a custom set of Black Metal Business Cards to hoist their business to new heights!

A genuinely captivating design, we cut through multiple mesh lines through the card to create an effect that would let you see straight through the metal. 

The smooth matte black finish lets their signature vivid pink pop. Paired with crisp silver laser etching for the crane image and to accent to the logo, it’s hard to look away!

Take advantage of our many design tools and customize your client a card that will make others go incrane

5. Don’t Mess With Texas – Black Metal Business Card for Excavation

Black Metal Business Card Custom Shape

Bobcat of North Texas needed a no-nonsense card that was guaranteed to help stand out. Bold and serious, our Black Metal Business Card shows that your client means business.

For a dash of flare, while keeping the card focused, we cut out a small mesh area along the top of the cards and clipped out the top left corner to hug the shape of Texas. 

Silver laser etching for the main logo and contact information keeps the design clean, while helping those key elements stand out. A vibrant red-orange spot color was used sparingly for highlights and to match their business. 

We can’t wait to see them sink their claws into the competition with these Black Metal Business Cards!

4. I Want One of Doze! – Custom Shape Metal Business Card for Excavation

Stainless Steel Custom Shape Business Card

Bryan Smith at Southeastern Equipment Corp wanted a custom shaped Metal Business Card that literally embodied the business!

Up for the challenge, our designers rocked the request and created a custom shaped card in the actual shape of one of their Crawler Dozers. With custom shape included in our standard pricing, we can bring any card design you can imagine to life. 

On one side we used a black spot color for the details of the vehicle and reversed it out with surface etching on the opposite side. Subtle changes can work to enhance the card without the fuss of unnecessary details.

Get the ball rolling and start your client off with their own set of groundbreaking Stainless Steel Business Cards today!

3. Gold Standard – Brass Finish Metal Business Card for Excavation

Black Metal Business Card With Cutouts

Zac Dolby and Derek Harding of D&H Excavating needed something big and bold to help take their small business to the next level. There’s no doubt that a Brass Finish Metal Business Card will catapult their brand recognition to unprecedented heights!

This impressive card features a meticulously cut-out border in a custom stonework pattern. Only etching at 10% depth rather than all the way through the cards, we added the excavator bucket and a delicate inner border as well for that extra special touch.

Don’t be an excaHATER and spread the love with a custom set of Brass Finish Metal Business Cards!

2. Metal for Excavation? Groundbreaking – Stainless Steel Business Card for Excavation 

Stainless Steel Metal Business Card

Is your client ready to ROCK the world of excavation and heavy machinery? Get their crew excited with a set of hard-hitting Stainless Steel Metal Business Cards!

Putting a real spin on a traditional look, these cards are turned on their side for a fresh vertical layout. A popular and effective combination, our natural stainless steel and black spot color create a card that is impressive and convincing. 

Custom shape creates a unique silhouette, letting the logo expand out from the card edge. Custom cut-through areas were also used to create a diamond plate pattern. 

Have your client steel the show with Stainless Steel Metal Business Cards!

1. LAND Your Next Gig! – Black Metal Business Card for Excavation

Black Metal Business Card Excavation

MEREDITH Land Management knew they wanted a seriously awesome card to help them advance their business. To assist them in achieving their grand goals, we crafted these extraordinary Black Metal Business Cards!

Keeping the color palette very neutral we used a semi-gloss black spot color against the matte black background. The contrasting finish of the ink and the card’s finish allows the rock pattern to reflect in different lighting.

Rather than resorting to a standard gray spot color, we opted for a silver laser etching technique for the silver aspects, resulting in a sharp and distinct image. To further emphasize their brand identity, we incorporated that same printed rock pattern as a cutout along the bottom corner.

Dare you client be bold, be different, and get their hands on a set of personalized Black Metal Business Cards!

It’s time for your client to join the league of distinguished construction professionals who have already upgraded to metal business cards and take their operations to new heights!

At My Wholesale Business Card, we work hard to ensure our cards will make a huge first impression because we truly believe in the impact our products have. This is our guarantee:

We guarantee that your metal business cards will make your client stand out or we will give you your money back!

When your client is ready to get started with their own business cards with, contact us at, call us at 714.922.7233 or use the chat widget on this site, so we can help design unique Metal Business Cards perfect for your client and their business!