Published July 19, 2022

Author: Brant DeBoer

My Wholesale Business Card | Top 15 Metal Cards For Construction Industries

Looking for professional business cards for the construction industry? Look no further! When you’re judged by the quality of your work, and trust is everything, what better way to introduce yourself than handing a prospective client or partner a custom “constructed” metal business card that creates an instant statement about your level of professionalism?

Here are some of our favorite metal business cards for builders, construction, home renovation, and remodeling companies. They surely stand out and make a huge statement about the level of professionalism of these companies!

5. Cards of Legend

My Wholesale Business Card | Black Metal Business Card Roofing Savage Design 3 Colors

Black Metal Card for construction with custom brick cut-outs, Pantone red detail, and spot colors.

Striving to be anything but average, Savage Roofing Inc. chose a Matte Black Metal Business Card to fight their way through the competition!

Designed to complement the logo and incorporate roofing imagery, we created a custom brick cutout pattern. The cutout pattern hugs both sides of the card while leaving ample room on the backside for additional information. The rugged design features the bold Savage Roofing logo, in standout gray, white and red spot colors to match their branding.

Just as legends never die, these cards will live on in the memory of all who behold them!

4. Strike It Rich

My Wholesale Business Card | Brass Finish Metal Business Card Stone Mason Work With Custom Rock Cutout Pattern Ws

Brass Finish Metal Business Card for construction, with custom cut out pattern and black spot color.

Take a look at this luxury Brass Finish Metal Business Card designed especially for Mucina Stone Décor, reflecting the same quality craftsmanship they put into their own work. Custom cutout patterns to emulate stone is the ultimate design feature to take advantage of as a stone working company. My Wholesale Business Card includes any cut-out areas in the price of our standard cards! The black spot color works with the statement logo to create a card that is a touch flashy, yet completely refined. The gilded display of these cards is enough to earn a double take, if not more.

3. High Connectivity

My Wholesale Business Card | Copper Finish Construction Electrical Business Card Real Metal Flag Cutouts Ws

Copper Finish Metal Business Card for construction with cutout flag background, and two spot colors.

ASPLUNDH’s mission statement includes being recognized as a world leader in their craft. We can’t imagine any world leader handing out any old paper card, which is why they came to us for some custom Copper Finish Metal Business Cards. The rustic feel of our brushed copper finish makes a popular choice for construction, while also standing out with its unique color composition. Using their vibrant branded orange for their logo makes these cards easily recognizable. A black silhouette of a power line worker speaks to their work and falls nicely against the cutout of the American flag. It’s clear that ASPLUNDH takes pride in their work and their business with such an impressive card.

2. Unique Cards – Quality Sales

My Wholesale Business Card | Copper Finish Metal Business Card Carpentry Rustic Look And Brushed Finish Ws

Copper Finish Metal Business Card for construction with honeycomb mesh cut-outs, Pantone teal detail, and black spot color.

The cards for carpentry experts Walters Fine Carpentry truly serve their brand promises. Choosing Metal Business Cards showcases a dedication to quality products, and is a unique and memorable token.

Our Copper Finish’s brushed effect and rustic flair make it a popular choice for the construction industry. The cool teal spot color bounces off the warmth of the Copper Finish Metal Business Card creating a beautiful contrast while keeping a more understated palette. To add another element of intrigue to the cards, we used a honeycomb mesh cutout pattern to contour the rounded arch of the logo. The custom qualities in this card will have clients yearning to create a custom home for themselves!

1. Metal Cards for Construction?…Groundbreaking

My Wholesale Business Card | Stainless Steel Ground Breakers Excavating Metal Business Card With Custom Shape Ws 1

Stainless Steel Metal Business Card for construction with custom diamond plate cutout pattern, and black spot color.

Mike Wood of Ground Breakers Excavating will be building home foundations AND his business with this set of custom Stainless Steel Metal Business Cards.

When looking for a simplistic card, adding a small detail like a custom diamond plate cutout pattern can make all the difference. Placing the company’s sharp triangular logo right above the centerline makes the card look taller, and leaves some extra room for Mike’s information. Using a custom shape, we also let the logo break past the edges of the card body for a truly unique piece. Sturdier than paper or plastic cards, each steel card is ready to take any adventure and thrive even in your construction zone.

For years, the standard business card for construction fields has been little more than a thick rectangle of paper with your name and contact details on it. It has served a purpose but has now become tired, drab, and uninspiring.

That’s why you should consider switching to metal business cards. A metal business card uses cutting-edge technology to help you get the edge on the competition and has many benefits when stacked against its paper counterpart.

When you switch to metal business cards, you can immediately see the boost it gives to your business, and here are a few reasons why:

Metal Business Cards Make You and Your Business More Memorable

‘Oh yeah, that was the guy with the metal business card.’

Let’s face it, you’ve probably been handed hundreds of paper business cards over the years, and handed out your fair share of them too.

White, thick paper cards don’t really stand out, but once you hand someone a metal business card, you are instantly etching a place in their memory.

The certainly aren’t going to stuff it in their pocket with the non-descript paper counterparts that they’ve probably already forgotten they have.

A metal business cards makes you stand out from the rest and gives you the edge when it comes be being remembered.