Published May 5, 2022 | Last updated on May 19, 2022

Author: Brant DeBoer

My Wholesale Business Card | Color The Spice Of Life

Most businesses turn to paper for their business card needs; however, the popular option is not always the best choice.

Plastic Business Cards can effectively replace the paper version while offering more features. If your business needs to stand out from the competition, consider the plastic variant. Whether your brand needs to look sleek and professional or vibrant and fun, the plastic business card is the way to go.

A paper business card can only go through so much wear and tear before it loses its appeal.

On the other hand, a plastic business card is tough and can withstand regular use as well as liquid spills, unlike paper. At My Wholesale Business Card, we only utilize PVC material. Thus, our plastic cards are light yet incredibly durable. They are also very flexible and made for frequent handling.

The plastic business card is the practical choice due to its longevity compared to paper cards. You’ll be turning heads with the unique look of the cards while they retain their quality in the long run.

The plastic card option saves money that would’ve been used for paper replacements while also successfully attracting future clients. After all, a great business card should serve its duty of delivering a fantastic first impression while being cost-effective too!

Here are a few ways Plastic Business Cards are Different:

Our Plastic Cards are Thicker than paper at .77mm (the same thickness as paper).

My Wholesale Business Card | Glossy Plastic Business Card With Full Color Print Image

Paper cards are the standard, but why settle for standard when you can hand out a card that makes an impact the moment it makes contact with a potential client’s hand? We never understood this and for that reason, we never settle on quality or card thickness.

Sure you could go thinner, but we can guarantee, no one will compliment you on how thin your cards are.

You’ll no longer have to worry about having a fragile or flimsy card to hand out. Our plastic business cards are rigid but still flexible enough to bend and not snap.

A single touch assures you of the premium quality of our plastic business cards. Just request free samples to see for yourself here.

We use premium printing processes to ensure only the best color output.

My Wholesale Business Card | Glossy Plastic Business Card Sunset Photo Full Color Print

While some may prefer a simple white business card with black text, others love a business card that pops and stands out.

Surely, paper business cards can also be printed in full color; however, they cannot attain the thickness, durability, and quality of a perfectly glossy, matte, clear, or translucent look, unlike our plastic business cards.

Furthermore, My Wholesale Business Card has an in-house graphic design team ready to assist you with the design and layout of your full-color printed cards. Sometimes your best option is to rely on the experts to do what they do best.

Our Business Card Design Service is just $60 for up to five digital proofs. We will work back and forth with you to ensure your full-color printed cards are exactly what you envision before sending them to print. Pricing includes front and back content which allows ample space to showcase your logo, contact information, and vibrant design. Combine full-color plastic card printing with the quality PVC plastic we use in making durable yet sleek cards, and you’ve got a surefire way to leave a good impression on your clients!

My Wholesale Business Card | Custom Plastic Cards With Magnetic Strip Glossy Finish

Choose Plastic Business Cards because it’s more than just a business card– it’s a proper representation of what your company has to offer. This is why we put a great deal of effort into the design and manufacturing of your cards. At .76mm thick, they are as sleek as a credit card with no unpleasant sharp edges.

Let us help make your plastic business card bold and impressive. Upgrade from paper to plastic by going beyond tradition to establish new standards. With plastic, there are more opportunities to distinguish your business apart from the competition. Our team at My Wholesale Business Card has the expertise and the tools to make this happen!

My Wholesale Business Card | Matte Plastic Card With Full Color And Silver Foil Details
My Wholesale Business Card | Clear Plastic Business Cards With Full Color Print Photo Design