Top 10 Dental Business Cards

Published February 21, 2023

Author: My Wholesale Business Card

Top Dentist Business Card Designs

Welcome to the tooth of the matter! Here, we will delve into the nitty-gritty of crafting the perfect Metal Business Card to leave a lasting impression on your client’s patients and colleagues alike. From design elements to the latest printing techniques, we’ll show you examples of our jaw-dropping metal cards.

A well-designed and high-quality Metal Business Card can be a powerful tool in helping your client build a successful dental practice. It serves as a professional introduction and a tangible representation of their brand.

It’s a small investment that can pay big dividends in terms of attracting new patients and solidifying relationships with existing ones. We believe this so strongly that we promise our cards will make your client stand out or we will give you your money back!

So, sit back, relax, and let us help you put your client’s best tooth forward…

Here’s our list of our Top 10 Dentist Business Cards to sink your teeth into:

10. Surgical Success – Stainless Steel Dental Business Card

Stainless Steel Metal Card

This Stainless Steel Business Card created for Granger Oral Surgery is ready to implant itself into the mind of it’s lucky recipient!

Ready to impress the masses, its success lies in its striking yet uncomplicated design. With a base of raw Stainless Steel, we used our chemical etching process to cut the logo through the card, with surgical precision. Surface etching was then used to apply the business names and contact information. This process creates a clean and subtle effect to the cards, adding an aesthetic element while not taking away from the statement logo cutout.

9. GRAF Out Loud – Black Metal Business Card for Dental Surgeons

Black Metal Card With Custom Cutouts

A matte Black Metal Business Card was the perfect canvas for GRAF Dental Surgery, and the various design elements to make their card POP!

We went all in with our chemical etching, creating a custom cutout of the logo, and mesh cutout accents! Taking advantage of the awesome design tools we offer, an optically enthralling background texture was created to enhance the visual and textural experience. With our endless customization options, each set of cards is one-of-a-kind. To finish it off with a bang, the GRAF name was applied in a vibrant orange spot color, practically jumping off the card surface.

Urge your client to go bold and take home their own Black Metal Business Card!

8. Metal Your Molars – Brass Finish Metal Business Card for Dentists

Brass Finish Business Card

This client at Buffalo Dental Implant knew they wanted to convey their high-class taste and performance, and this card design knocked it out of the park with our Brass Finish Business Cards featuring shiny and textured finishes!

As a favorite of more exuberant clients, our Brass Finish Cards deliver a dose of luxury. When covered with a black spot color we allowed portions of the logo to shine through, making these cards fly high above the rest. Knowing the importance of details, we used silver laser etching to outline the drill accent of the logo. The cards are rounded out with both textured and shiny finish, maximizing their impact.

7. Flash A Grin – Stainless Steel Metal Business Card for Dentists

Stainless Steel Metal Card Brushed Finish

Delta Dental needed a card that would spread smiles and allude to the positive experiences they provide. With custom cut through areas and a vibrant spot color on our Stainless Steel Business Cards, these are picture perfect.

Creating a strong focal point in the cards, and evoking positive dental imagery, we cut through a classic smile shape. We applied the logo and slogan using the client’s trademark Kelly Green, adding some vibrancy and matching their branding. To top it all off, they chose our special brushed finish which adds an extra element of design and flow through the cards.

Once picked up, these cards will have your clients grinning ear to ear!

6. Miles of Smiles – Brass Finish Metal Business Cards for Dentists

Brass Finish Metal Card

Just as Toronto Smile Design believes that everybody deserves the perfect smile, we believe your client deserves the perfect metal business card. Teaming up to achieve the best of both worlds, we created this one of a kind Brass Finish Metal Business Card with every detail catered specifically to their needs.

Our Brass Finish Metal Business Cards offer an opulent feel, perfect to match their upscale design studio and practice. A unique cutout pattern was created to accentuate the logo, an option exclusive to custom metal cards! Keeping it sleek, we used a classic black spot color for the logo with a surface etched detail to highlight the creative smile silhouette in the “M”.

Your client will find that these cards are the perfect tool to instill trust in those yearning for the perfect smile!

5. Dentis-try This On For Size – Black Metal Business Cards for Dentists

Black Metal Card With Custom Cutoublack Metal Business Card Custom Cutoutsts

Classy and clean, our Black Metal Business Cards offer the ideal vehicle for True Dentistry to deliver their exclusive clients a lavish membership card.

The blue and white spot colors contrast against the matte black card surface, while a semi-gloss black spot color creates a subtle tone on tone effect using their practice’s key words. A custom cut through effect was also created to mimic the various shapes that come together to make the logo. Dedicated details like custom cutouts add the extra attention to detail, showing your client’s true dedication to quality.

Exclusive customers have a keen eye for detail, which is why each of our cards is carefully handcrafted and designed to match their perfect aesthetic.

4. New Horizons – White Metal Membership Cards for Dentists

White Metal Business Card

A fantastic way to add style to a card without crowding the space is through textured patterns. Not wanting to take away from the clean finish of this White Metal coupon card, we surfaced etched the logo into the background for INFINIA DENTAL LAB.

Surface etching allows us to recess areas of the card, in any pattern or image, prior to the coating process, resulting an understated image effect to add design depth to the cards. Keeping the remainder of the card simplistic, we used orange and black spot colors for the logos and information. Using those same colors we added sweeping lines across the card corners to match the flow of the swoosh in the BIOHORIZONS logo. Additionally, these metal membership coupons are completely personalized with member names discreetly on the backside. With the addition of Variable Data, Metal Membership Cards can come specially made with any individual information needed to make your client’s’ customers feel valued.

Your client can broaden their horizons TODAY with their own custom White Metal Business Card!

3. Dent-All or Nothing – Stainless Steel Business Cards for Dentists

Stainless Steel Custom Cutout Metal Business Card

An everlasting, and classic choice from our collection, Stainless Steel Business Cards were selected for MRM Dental Lab to play off the metal elements of their dental practice. Even though we have various finishes to offer, the Stainless Steel’s raw and clean appearance lends itself to many different styles.

Included with our base card pricing, we always encourage the use of custom cut through areas! Taking advantage of that exclusive feature, we cut out the MRM in the logo, the delicate mesh pattern, and the awesome teeth in the palette image in the corner of the card! Choosing to forgo any screen-printed colors, we surface etched all the remaining information into the cards, allowing the full potential of the raw Stainless Steel to shine. 

2. Tooth or Dare – Black Metal Business Cards for Dentists

Cutom Cutout Black Metal Card

Evolve Dental Education wanted to advance their institution by setting themselves apart with a Black Metal Business Card. Constantly evolving is the key to success, so why not enable your client to stand at the forefront of it all with a custom creation guarantee to make them stand out?

Really bringing this card to life, we used our chemical etching process to cut a delicate weave pattern all the way through the entire card. This creates a completely dynamic card, invoking movement, sure to earn a second glance. A bright, white spot color is used for the business name and URL for maximum contrast, with a few pops of their signature green to bring it all together.

With so many options exclusive to metal, we urge you to have your clients dream big and create a card never been seen before!

1. Brace Yourself – Brushed Stainless Steel Metal Business Cards for Dentists

Stainless Steel Brush Finish Metal Card

Not looking to get brushed off, Hollis Orthodontics needed a surefire way to grab attention! Never shying away from a challenge, we knew our brushed finish was a clear winner.

Adding just a taste of finesse to a standard Stainless Steel Card, a Brushed Finish was applied to the cards, adding both stylistic and practical elements. As sleek as the Brushed Finish appears, it also works double to help prevent the appearance of fingerprints and scratches – ideal for frequent use cards! Our semi-gloss black spot color is used for the information, allowing the custom design elements to shine. The star of the show is clearly the expertly etched teeth and braces pattern. Working with our design team means your client will get a card fine-tuned to their exact business!

Hollis Orthodontics will need to BRACE themselves for all the business these cards will bring!

Working with clients who are professionals in the dental industry, they deserve a card that will take a BITE out of their competition! We produce and ship thousands of custom Metal Business Card Designs daily, but these few cards stood out to us. We love using our unique production abilities to elevate your client’s cards, and your business! 

We want to make sure they walk away with a unique card design, which is why our standard pricing includes free etching front and back, unlimited cutouts and one screen-printed color, making design possibilities endless. We guarantee that your client’s cards will make them stand out or we will give you your money back!

When you are ready to get started, contact us at, call us at 714.922.7233 or use the chat widget on this site, so we can help design unique Metal Business Cards perfect for your client and their dental practice!