Custom Metal Tags and Unique Uses For Metal Cards

Published February 23, 2024

Author: My Wholesale Business Card

Custom Metal Tags And Unique Uses For Metal Cards

Our metal business cards have long been recognized for their durability and premium feel, but they are now breaking boundaries and taking on new forms to serve a variety of purposes!

From the courtroom to the gym, look at how metal cards and tags are transformed into unique tools that blend functionality with style.

Whether it’s making a first impression with a standout business card, branding a handcrafted product, or ensuring a seamless customer experience, metal is proving to be an innovative and effective material for a variety of applications.

Discover how we are creating more than just metal business cards! Let’s get inspired by the versatility and adaptability of metal as a medium for professional and personal expression:

20. So Fly – Stainless Steel Metal Tag

Stainless Steel Metal Tag

Over at Adams & Sons Fixture Co. they needed a creative and durable way to mark the custom-made Fly Trays they create. With a custom stainless steel metal tag, each piece is signed off on like a fine piece of art!

The natural stainless steel finish complements the natural wood of the fly trays the tags are fastened to, for a raw and rustic appeal.

Using custom cut through areas we etched holes into opposite ends of the tags, allowing each piece to be screwed into their display units.

The center oval shape is etched into the tag to create a subtle border around edges, creating a separation between the business name and website.

Help your customer make their mark with custom stainless steel metal tags!

19. Ay Bay Bay – Custom Stainless Steel Tag

Custom Stainless Steel Tag

When you’re working with a manufacturer of high-quality sheet metal, wouldn’t a custom metal tag be the best way for them to market themselves? YES, which is exactly why we created these little beauties for Bay Cities Metal Products!

Made of high-quality stainless steel and cut to the exact shape of their business logo, each piece is a testament to the quality of metal products they offer and their dedication to their brand.

Pantone color match means we produced their tags in the same blue used throughout their branding.

Your clients can create their own metal tags and use it as a label, business card, decoration, or anything else their hearts desire!

18. Tag You’re It – Stainless Steel Metal Tag

Stainless Steel Metal Tags

Subtle and sleek, these understated metal tags for National are the ultimate multi-tasker!

With the corner holes added, these tags can be fastened to anything from their products, equipment, displays, giveaway, and more!

Keeping the stainless steel card design simple with only a surface etched logo keeps the branding effortless and opens these up to multiple applications.

17. Oil Be There For You – Black Metal Tags

Black Metal Tags

With the myriad of processes we offer, we can create so much more than business cards. For more adventurous client like this, we helped to create custom metal faces for their oil gauges!

Custom shape and cut through areas are included, which we used to create the perfect round shape to fit in the gauge casing and equipment. 

Multiple smaller circles were also etched through the card for various fastening points and to allow a space the indicator needle.

White was the perfect choice for their spot color, offering the highest contrast against the matte black finish.

Let us help your clients reach for the stars and create the custom project of their dreams!

16. Truck Yeah! – Custom Shape Metal Tag 

Custom Shape Metal Tag

With custom shape and custom cut-through areas included in our base pricing, we encourage you to take advantage and present your customers endless possibilities!

Using precision chemical etching, we created this custom metal tag in the shape of a truck, complete with intricate cutout details for the window, grills, and headlights.

We also cut a small hole in the top of the piece so that it can be easily fastened to objects for use as an item tag, decorative attachment, even a necklace!

15. Cash Money – Brass Finish Metal Tag

Brass Finish Metal Tag

Is your customer having trouble getting an important message across? Add an adhesive back to the metal tags and stick them in high visibility areas to make sure their message is heard loud and clear.

Using a brass finish for these tags helps reinforce the literal cash saving value of their message and attracts more attention.

A neutral black spot color keeps the design classy and doesn’t distract from the text. The two borders around the boxes help to break up the message, preventing the reader from losing interest halfway through.

With the resilient adhesive back, your customers can stick these as a label on multiple locations from desks and kiosks to products and handouts without fear that they will fall off.

14. Crow Your Business – Brushed Stainless Steel Tag

Brushed Stainless Steel Tag

The team at Crowson needed help adding the finishing touch to their Tactile Motion Amplifiers. With our quality metal crafting we created a custom faceplate for their remotes!

With custom cut through areas, we carefully etched out 6 perfect circles for each of the buttons to pop through.

Upgrading the raw stainless steel to the brushed finish helps to prevent the appearance of fingerprints. A smart choice for an item that is frequently handled!

Black was the spot color of choice for a professional look that also matched the other design elements of the fully assembled remote.

13. Metal for Medical – Stainless Steel Metal Business Card

Stainless Steel Metal Business Card

When it comes to healthcare you want to make sure you fall into the right hands. To establish that confidence in clients from the get-go, we created these stainless steel cards to exude quality and confidence.

The natural stainless steel offers the highest impact of a metal card, letting the bare steel serve as the canvas.

Amplifying the effect, only surface etching was used for the content on the cards for a tone-on-tone effect.

Offering custom shape, we cut these cards a little thinner to offer a different in-hands feel and visual effect when stacked with traditionally shaped business cards.

These can also be used as a label or affixed to different equipment for maximum usage opportunities!

12. Steel the Show – Stainless Steel Metal Tags

Custom Stainless Steel Metal Tags

Todd Clinesmith, owner of Clinesmith Instruments needed a signature piece to mark each one of his custom built 6 string steel guitars. Being steel artisans ourselves, we knew we made the perfect pair.

Upgrading to our thicker .8mm stainless steel we created these custom metal tags, complete with screw holes on each side.

These pieces are sized to perfectly fit flush on the headstock of each guitar, which will then be screwed in using the custom holes.

We used a more ornate silhouette on the bottom for an extra design element and style.

Your clients can tag everything they create with extra care by placing an order for their own custom metal tags!

11. Heavy Metal – Stainless Steel Tag

Custom Stainless Steel Tags

Offering aesthetic and performance accessories for BMW, Macht Schnell order custom metal tags to match the quality of the luxury cars they service.

Long and thin, the stainless steel tag are the perfect shape to discreetly fasten to any appliance, equipment, or to use as an accessory attachment.

Upgrading to include a ball chain and including cutout holes on opposite ends, these are easily adaptable for use as a keychain, item tag, etc.

The Old English style logo looks even more edgy in a bold black spot color, delivering style and a powerful impact.

10. Orange You Glad It’s Metal? – Stainless Steel Tag

Custom Stainless Steel Metal Tag

As a custom signature on his works of art, designer Stefan Hepner created metal tags to attach to each of his pieces.

Durable and professional, the stainless steel is built to last and will stand out as Stefan Hepner’s calling card on each of his projects.

A bright orange spot color was used to match his branding, and to match the color frequently used in his works.

A common request, custom holes were etched out on opposite sides as fastening points while the logo was cutout as a style choice.

Let’s collaborate on an art project together and create some amazing custom metal tags for your customers!

9. Best Seat in the House – Black Metal Tag

Custom Black Metal Tag

To celebrate the Neyland Stadium Centennial 2021, the University of Tennessee was selling pieces of their bleacher seat to die-hard fans! To help commemorate the occasion and mark each piece, we create these custom black metal tags.

One of our most popular finishes, the black metal, is luxurious and professional, the perfect option for any high-profile project.

Our precision silver laser etching process also works brilliantly with the black metal finish, providing the most contrast between the finish and the raw steel shining through.

With the content literally etched into the cards there is no risk of the content wearing away, which is especially paramount in important keepsakes.

8. What’s Your Point? – Stainless Steel Metal Cards

Stainless Steel Metal Cards

Josh Laughlin of True Point Construction gets straight to the point with this serious set of Stainless Steel Metal Business Cards!

With chemical etching, we cut this intricate logo straight through the card for maximum impact. Using the same processes added 4 holes into each corner of the cards.

With the holes added Josh can pass these out as a business card or can affix them to the project he builds ensuring his customer has lifelong access to his information.

Adding a brushed treatment to the stainless steel helps to prevent fingerprints and adds to the construction aesthetic.

Upgrading to 2 spot colors we used black for all of the text, and lime green drawing attention to the symbols and contact information.

7. Swing Into Action – Stainless Steel Tag

Stainless Steel Tag

Pairing up with our customer to create these for Georgia Swings made the perfect match: their handcrafted swings merit equally artisanal tags, and together, we excel in this craftsmanship.

The natural stainless steel finish complements each different wood grain and color offered in their selection of handmade swings.

Two spot colors in red and black were used sparingly, just enough to match elements of their logo.

Not to distract too much from the swings themselves, we used a surface etching technique for the detailed image in the logo for a more subtle effect.

Again, we added those custom screw hole cutouts so that each tag could be securely fastened into the wood frame of each swing. 

6. Wheel-y Great! – Stainless Steel Tags with Adhesive Backing

Stainless Steel Tags With Adhesive Backing

Founder of Wheel Fanatyk and longtime client Ric Hjertberg needed our fully custom capabilities to create his custom metal tags for his cycling products and equipment.

A fan of a deeper etch, we chemically etched the content on his tags at a 50% depth. That’s 40% deeper than our standard etching!

Quite petite at only 0.49” x 0.99,” they are the perfect size to fit on any of Ric’s projects, no matter how small and precise.

Adding our study 3M adhesive backing ensures that these little beauties are going nowhere after they are stuck on.

We would wheel-y love the chance to create custom metal tags for your customers!

5. Make a Bolt Statement – Stainless Steel Metal Cards

Custom Stainless Steel Metal Cards

Experts in lightning protection, B&B Lightning Protection wants to make sure their clients always know how to reach them. With a stainless steel card, their information is etched right into the metal and their customers’ minds!

Large and in charge, these plates are 2.75” x 4.5” perfect for the large amount of text and ensuring no one will overlook the information.

The holes in each corner were etched through so that each can be fastened to the units they service, making their information available to their customers.

A dark blue spot color compliments the steel for a perfect stormy color scheme!

4. Pick-Up and Never Put Down – Brass Finish Metal Cards

My Wholesale Business Card | Brass Finish Metal Cards

Don’t let your customer’s imagination stop at metal cards! Would you believe us if we told you we created custom metal guitar pickups? Well believe it because we handcrafted these beauties especially for Krivo Pickups.

The brass finish is luxe while the black spot color brings it down to a sultry level, matching the sweet notes played by each guitar.

We silver laser etched the backside of each piece so that the raw stainless steel could lay flush against the appliance for performance purposes.

Do you think your client’s ideas are too crazy? Share your vision with us and we’ll help bring it to life for them.

3. To Be Frank – White Metal Tag

White Metal Tag

The custom metal tags created for Attorney Frank Khalil are an innovative and professional way to present his legal services. 

These tags are crafted from white metal, which gives them a sleek and modern appearance. The design includes custom cut-through areas and etched text that provides a glimpse into the expertise Attorney Khalil offers, highlighting his specialization in real estate, probate & trusts, and estate planning.

Using a black spot color, we added the scales of justice which are a universally recognized symbol of the legal profession and immediately communicated the nature of Attorney Khalil’s practice.

These versatile tags can serve multiple purposes, including being used as a distinctive keychain or a tag that can be fastened to various items. This adaptability makes the tags a useful tool for everyday carry or as a unique promotional item that clients can keep with them, providing a constant reminder of his legal services.

2. Wood Den You Want One? – Stainless Steel Tag

Metal Stainless Steel Tag

The custom stainless steel tags for The Wood Den reflect the craftsmanship and uniqueness of their custom wood chainsaw carvings!

The stainless steel material provides durability and a professional finish, ensuring that the tags can withstand the elements and the test of time, just like the wood pieces themselves.

A prominent feature of these tags is the etched screw holes which allow for secure attachment to the custom wood carvings. This practical design ensures that the tags remain firmly in place, offering a permanent branding solution that enhances the overall presentation of The Wood Den’s creations.

The black spot color used for the etching stands out against the natural stainless steel surface, making the logo with a bear and the text “THE WOOD DEN” immediately eye-catching.

The tags serve as a lasting signature for each unique piece they create, providing a professional touch that complements the natural beauty of their chainsaw carvings.

1. Hex Yeah! – Black Metal Tag with Barcode

Black Metal Tag With Barcode

The custom black metal tags crafted for Hill Country Indoor serve as a testament to the upscale fitness center’s commitment to exclusivity and convenience for its members. These metal tags, which double as membership cards, set them apart from traditional cards with their innovation!

Each tag features a custom hole at the top, designed to allow members to easily hang the tag on their keychains, ensuring that access to the gym is always within reach. This design prioritizes functionality and style, aligning with the active lifestyles of the members.

A standout feature of these membership tags is the inclusion of variable barcodes. This personalization ensures that each member has a unique identifier, streamlining the check-in process and enhancing the security of the facility. Members can simply scan their tag to gain access to the gym, making their experience seamless and efficient.

The custom metal tag reflects the center’s dedication to providing a premier experience, where even the smallest details are carefully considered for the benefit of its members.

Transform your customer’s guest experience and broaden their horizons with custom metal tags and metal cards!

At My Wholesale Business Card, we work hard to ensure your cards will make a huge first impression because we truly believe in the impact our products have. This is our guarantee:

We guarantee that your cards will make you stand out or we will give you your money back!

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