Published June 20, 2022

Author: Brant DeBoer

My Wholesale Business Card | Metal Business Card Sizes

Here’s this year’s My Wholesale Business Card Sizes and Dimensions Guide! You may think you’ve already learned everything about your standard business card: paper weight, average rectangle, same size as the next.

In the world of metal, plastic, and wood business cards, we play by a different set of rules!

At My Wholesale Business Card, we love exercising our creativity to provide you with a unique card that goes above and beyond business card norms. With an endless selection of sizes and shapes, we know it can get a little overwhelming, so we’ll be here to guide you through everything there is to know. 

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we get:

My Wholesale Business Card | Brushed Brass Finish Metal Business Card With Black Spot Color Text And Logo

What is the standard Business Card Size?

Metal Business Cards

Standard business card sizing is 3.5 x 2.” However, we have found that with the added thickness of our metal cards, that 3.46 x 1.96” fits better into a wallet. Credit card size (also known as CR80) is another reliably standard option for business cards at 2.13 x 3.38.”

My Wholesale Business Card | Textured Finish Black Metal Business Card With White Color

Plastic Business Cards

Standard sizing for our plastic business cards is 3.37 X 2.125” (CR80 – credit card dimensions). These cards fit nicely in wallets and pockets, featuring 0.76mm thickness. The sizing and thickness of our plastic cards are made to withstand the test of time and won’t rip or bend.

My Wholesale Business Card | Glossy Plastic Business Card Sunset Photo Full Color Print

Wood Business Cards

Our wood cards feature a standard sizing of 3.5 x 2” with roughly 1mm thickness. Made-to-order, these cards can include virtually any custom shape or cutouts.

My Wholesale Business Card | Birch Wood Business Card With Custom Shape Design And Black Spot Color With Custom Cutouts

What sizes do our metal business cards come in?

We believe the best size for a business card is anything that can fit comfortably in a wallet or pocket. Therefore, most frequent-use cards, such as membership cards, gifts cards, etc. are all the same size. This Starting off with our standard and most popular, we have our standard metal business card size which closely matches a regular paper business card at 3.46 x 1.96.” Commonly used, this size is perfect for fitting in pockets, wallets, and for carrying around to hand potential clients – while still making an impact with the weight and feel of a metal card.

The standard business size is a popular choice for: 

  • Traditional Business Cards
  • Membership Cards
  • Gift Cards
  • Calling Cards
  • Message Cards
  • Coupon Cards
  • Bag Stuffers
  • Loyalty Cards

What about square business cards?

Mini yet mighty, our Square Metal Business Cards measure in at 2.12 x 2.12”—one of the smallest standard sizes we offer. We also offer custom shaped wood business cards, which is distinguished with a 1mm thick REAL wood card.

Even though they don’t cover as much surface area as a typical business card, these cards stand out from the crowd with their trendy and unique shape. 

It IS hip to be square!

My Wholesale Business Card | Kiri Wood Business Card Custom Shape Design And Green Printing

These square card dimensions are a popular choice for:

  • Specialty Tokens
  • Club Member Cards
  • Event Tickets
  • Raffle Tickets
  • Insert Cards
  • Product Tags

What size should I make my square business card?

A square metal business card can be any size, but our standard dimensions of 2.12 x 2.12” are large enough to fit your content, while being cost effective and unique.

Do square business cards fit in a wallet?

Yes! Our square cards are small enough to fit in a wallet, while making a BIG statement. 

Are rounded or square business cards better?

This all depends on your branding and vision! If your logo revolves around a lot of circles and rounded edges, you may want to keep the same visual flow by choosing to have a rounded card. On the other hand, a square card may fit perfectly with your company’s design elements and overall look. Instead of handing out a rectangular card, try something with a custom shape that flows with your branding. 

Credit Card Size Business Cards

If you’re wanting to recreate the luxurious look of a Black American Express Card, or just want to replicate the feel of a credit card, we offer CR80 sizing which matches the dimensions of a standard credit card at 2.13 x 3.38”.

If you’re wanting to recreate the luxurious look of a Black American Express Card, or just want to replicate the feel of a credit card, we offer CR80 sizing which matches the dimensions of a standard credit card at 2.13 x 3.38”.

My Wholesale Business Card | Black Metal Membership Cards With Custom Cutout Logo Design

Also exclusive to our CR80 sizing are our carbon fiber business cards. Fabricated from genuine carbon fiber, these cards are super light and incredibly durable, and are perfect for those in the aircraft or racecar industries! Our credit card business card dimensions are a popular choice for:

  • Promotional Cards for retail credit
  • VIP Membership Cards
  • American Express lookalike Cards
  • A light twist on a standard Business Card

Why is a credit card that size?

Credit cards are made in CR80 dimensions to fit specific standards set by the International Organization for Standardization, so they are compatible with all available POS systems.

Can my carbon fiber card have cut-out sections or a custom shape?

Due to the nature of the material, our authentic carbon fiber cards are unable to be produced with custom shapes or cutouts. No need to worry, the carbon fiber stands out all on its own and we can use our screen-printed spot colors to create a more custom design.

My Wholesale Business Card | Carbon Fiber Business Card With Qr Code And 2 Colors

Etched-Metal Dog Tags

But business cards don’t always belong in wallets, so why not turn your business card into one of our etched metal dog tags?

At 1.125 x 2″ you don’t have to use these as a traditional dog tag (although you’re welcome to). With ball chains added, you’ll be ready to create new opportunities by attaching your cards to promotional products, giveaway bags, and more. 

Being petite like the square business cards, these small business cards i.e. dog tags are convenient when you need to carry large amounts in hand, like on the latest tradeshow floor or at your next big networking event. Etched metal dog tags are a popular choice for:

  • Giveaways
  • Product Tags
  • Name Tags
  • Mini Business Cards
  • Display Labels
  • Promotional Giveaway Tags
  • Keychains
My Wholesale Business Card | Stainless Steel Dog Tag Metal Design With Logo Etched

What is the standard size for a dog tag?

The standard size for a US military dog tag is 1.125 x 2,” which we’ve matched to our custom metal dog tag dimensions.

Do My Wholesale Dog Tags have to include the hole cutout?

Although helpful when wanting to hang these tags, you are welcome to request yours without the hole cutout, or with additional cutouts added.

Do the Metal Dog Tags include Ball Chains?

Ball Chains do not come standard with the product, but you can choose from either 4.5” key chain or 14” necklace length chains, under the ‘advanced settings’ tab.

Are Metal Dog Tags only for dogs? Our metal dog tags can be used for any desired purpose or project, not just for your canine companions. Although, we would love to see your furry friends rocking some custom-made metal flare!

Want your business card to be a bookmark?

Avid readers and authors alike, gather around and witness the glory that are our custom metal bookmarks! At 1.5 x 4,” these metal bookmarks are the perfect size for just about any reading material. 

Put a functional spin on your business cards while keeping it in your client’s hands and out of the trash. You can also slip one of these into the reading materials you’re handing out, maximizing your potential! 

My Wholesale Business Card | Quick Black Metal Bookmark With Diamond Pattern Cutout Design

Metal bookmarks can be used for:

  • Bookmarks
  • Product Labels
  • Rulers or Measurement Devices
  • Gift Tags
  • Functional Business Cards

What is a VIP Pass Business Card?

Maybe you’re ready to step up your game and are looking for something outside of the norm. Our standard VIP Pass sizing raises the bar at 2.75 x 4.5.” We can size your VIP Pass to any dimension to create anything you can dream up, including your own mega business card. 

My Wholesale Business Card | Full Pink Printed Metal Vip Pass With Custom Design And Blue

What about plastic VIP Passes?

Perfect for concerts, tours, trade shows and more. These durable badges come with full color printing on both sides and feature additional functions like barcodes and variable names/numbers. The standard size is 3.35 X 5.32” with a glossy finish on both sides and die-cut rounded corners.

Do I have to have the lanyard hole cutout if I order the metal VIP Passes?

Nope, all our custom cards come standard with custom cutouts included, so you’re welcome to designate which areas DO and DO NOT get cut out. When placing an order simply make a note in the Design Direction box indicating your cutout preferences.

My Wholesale Business Card | Plastic Vip Pass For Sema Show Special Member Pass

VIP Pass cards are a popular choice for:

  • Larger than Life Business Cards
  • Event Badges
  • Insert Cards
  • Collectible Cards

Metal invitations: Oversize and large business cards?

You’re all about making great first impressions with your business cards, so why not do it with your invitations too? Nobody will miss an RSVP to a party that leads off with a metal invitation.

Measuring the same as run of the mill paper invites at 4 x 6”, your custom invitations are sure to turns some heads and make some waves. Metal invitations add a sophisticated flair to:

  • Wedding Invitations
  • Bar/Bat Mitzvah Invitations
  • Thank You Cards
  • Employee Awards
  • Holiday Cards

Can I create an invitation that is 5 x 7”? Yes! Even though our standard sizing is 4 x 6,” you’re welcome to request custom quotes for any size within 8.5 x 11” dimensions.

How do I get custom-size business cards and custom quotes?

If your creative vision doesn’t fit within the standard business card dimensions, we are happy to provide you with a custom quote! Our pricing is determined by the metal finish, quantity, and sizing of your selected product. If your dimensions fall within any of our product sizing, you’re welcome to place your order on that specific product page and can note your size specifications in the design content box. 

My Wholesale Business Card | Black Metal Full Color Print Custom Shape Business Card Welder

If you’re sizing is truly custom, please email our team at, and we would be happy to provide you with specialized pricing.

What should be included on a business card?

The ideal business card encourages potential clients that are interested in your business to reach back out to you for additional information or visit your website for additional information. Being knowledgeable on which information should be included (and what shouldn’t) can make all the difference!

A well-rounded business card should include the following elements:

  • Company name
  • Logo
  • Your name
  • Title
  • Contact information
  • Website and/or social media handles

Adding too much information to the card can keep the client from reaching out to ask additional questions or can create a design that is too busy and lacks interest.

What is the best finish for a business card?

Business cards are the perfect window into your business and branding! The best finish for a business card depends on the look and feel of your business, and the message you are trying to convey. With everything from our flashy Shiny Brass to our sleek Matte Black we have you covered with the best finish choice for you.

What makes a business card stand out?

If you’ve got a metal business card, you’re already on the right track! The feel and weight of a metal card in your hands will be unique amongst paper cards. To stand out you want to utilize elements that are different from what standard business cards have to offer. 

Should business cards be double sided?

We recommend taking advantage of the available space and use both sides. All of our metal business cards come standard with double-side content included!

What is the standard font for business cards?

There is no standard font for business cards. We have a wide array of fonts at our disposal for use in your design! If you have a specific font you’d like us to use, feel free to email the font file to use at, along with your order number, and we would be happy to utilize it in your metal business cards.

What font size is too small for business cards?

We don’t recommend using anything smaller than a 7pt font in order to ensure legibility of the text.

Should you put your cell phone number on a business card?

We recommend starting with providing an email address as a point of contact, or a phone number for a landline that is readily answered by staff.

This will allow you to take time to respond when available and can keep you from feeling trapped by endless calls during off hours, or at inopportune times.

How do you abbreviate a phone number on a business card?

Although there is no official abbreviation for cell phones on business cards, the most common version is: C: 123-456-7890.

How much does custom business card design cost?

You can get your very own made-to-order custom business card design for just $60! Choose our Business Card Design Service to have our professional designers design the business card of your dreams. Simply provide any details, requirements and ideas you may have, and within 24 hours you’ll receive a digital proof to review – designed just for you.

Are business cards still a thing?

Although it may not seem like it in today’s climate of digital communication and social media, business are cards are still important as ever! Sharing contact information via text may be simple, but it lacks the true professionalism and branding that comes with a custom business card. With innovative products like our new NFC Metal Business Cards, you can mix the best of both worlds – harnessing the class of a traditional business card and the cutting edge of digital media.

What is the main purpose of a business card?

Business cards serve the function of delivering your contact information, your branding, and a first impression all in one swift movement. Business cards (especially metal business cards) speak volumes about your business, and serve as a sneak peek for your potential clients to get a good read on how you represent yourself. Easy and effective, business cards are considered one of the main forms of marketing in the world of business.

We’re here to help! Please contact us with your custom metal business card needs, and we’ll be more than happy to help you.