Top 10 Most Creative Custom Metal Business Cards (That NOBODY Will Forget)

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“I used to have this worry about just being another card in my potential client’s stack. That does NOT happen with my metal cards. The WOW I get every time I hand one to a potential client is priceless. They definitely separate me from others, in a saturated market.”  – Dave E.

“I am naturally an introvert and what I love about the metal cards is that they create a unique opening for conversation to take place. I also find that people don’t throw them away compared with paper cards.” – David S.

Being in my industry for 20 years and 9 of those in upper management. i deal with a lot of vendors day in and day out. I get tons of business cards, and to be honest i just chuck them ( throw away). Then one day my [redacted] rep came in. I had not seen him in a while and so he went went to give me his business card and it was metal! anyway the conversation changed from routine to less stressful sales tactic, I didn’t see him as trying to sell me. It put him on a whole different level in a second like that in my mind.. Sh*t, even if i didn’t like him, i still would not throw that card away, you just don’t, you are just accustom to keep something different and unique. I even went out of my way to show my colleagues.
– Steven W.

At, we love producing custom projects for our clients to ensure they make a lasting first impression.

Whether it’s suitcases or copper barrels or taxi cabs, we have designed and manufactured metal business cards in all shapes and sizes as an extension of our client’s brands and these cards continue to work for them long after they have been handed over.

So why not be BOLD when it comes to deciding what type of business card you want?

Don’t let your card stack up in a brick of 100 boring and undifferentiated cards.

“A Metal Business Card immediately engages a response. There is a level of attention these cards command.” – Brian A.

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Scroll down to see a few our favorite custom metal business cards that we’ve produced (in no particular order).

1. Pack your Business Bags

My Wholesale Business Card | Mmbc Custom Shaped Metal Business Card Luggage Shape

This stainless-steel card was designed for our returning customer, Nicholas Franklin who
wanted a metal business card in the shape of a luggage suitcase.

We screen printed the color onto the card’s surface and utilized surface etching for the small details on the luggage.

The result was a sharp, unique, and eye-catching metal business card.

2. School Spirit

My Wholesale Business Card | Mmbc Banner Southernmiss

When Southern Miss Football first contacted us about doing a custom metal business card, they wanted a card that matched their school spirit.

Shaped in the school’s famous logo, our designers chose a black metal card and matched their school colors with the correct Pantone shades for production.

All yellow areas were etched first and then filled with color for extra durability, lasting season after season.

3. The Key to my Heart Wedding Invitation

My Wholesale Business Card | Mmbc Custom Shaped Metal Business Card Key Shape Brass Card

Our creativity is not limited to custom business cards only.

Consider giving your wedding guests something to be excited about.

For Julie and Paul’s wedding, we produced custom metal invitations with matching metal business card sized keys for admission to their special day.
Guests were given metal invitations which featured a locket shape and key hole along with this brass finish matching key, which was to be presented at their venue on the day of the wedding.

We were overjoyed to be able to contribute to their happy occasion by bringing this creative idea to life.

4. Measuring Up

My Wholesale Business Card | Stainless Steel Business Card With Carpenters Square Ruler 21608 1200X800 1

Our in-house design team took on this amazing project of creating a custom measuring square commonly used by carpentry and construction industries.

We started off by utilizing our same high-quality stainless-steel and laser cut the measuring square shape.

The square is then finished off by undergoing black screen printing for easier readability.

What a way to measure up!

5. Big Yellow Taxi

My Wholesale Business Card | 

Do you have a general idea of what you would like your custom metal business card to look like, but are stuck on the small details?

This specific customer requested a taxi shaped metal card and left the rest of the designing up to our superb artwork team.

We were able to capture their needs by producing this taxi shaped, yellow screen printed, and custom etched metal business card.

Your customers will talk about you for years….

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6. Bookmark your Business

My Wholesale Business Card | Stainless Steel Metal Bookmark With Growth Hacking Book 1

My Wholesale Business Card | Stainless Steel Metal Bookmark Custom Made Growth Hacking

There are 10 billion business cards printed every year, but how many of them double as bookmarks?

Deviate Labs’ co-founders, Raymond Fong and Chad Riddersen ordered custom metal bookmark business cards for the promotion of their new book, “Growth Hacking: Silicon Valley’s Best Kept Secret”.

The front of the metal bookmark matches the design of their book while the back features the author’s contact information.

A perfect way to solidify their brand and keep their contact information handy for customers.

7. A Barrel of Fun

My Wholesale Business Card | Copper Finish Metal Business Card With Custom Shape 21610 1 1200X800 1

Copper Barrel is an award-winning distillery in Wilkesboro, NC and they wanted a metal business card that reflected their handcrafted spirits and rich history.

With a copper finish and barrel shape, we believe our designers nailed this brand’s identity. What do you think?

8. A Stone Cut Above the Rest

My Wholesale Business Card | Custom Fireplace Shaped Stainless Steel Metal Business Card With Red Spot Coloring 21788 1

FireRock is a leading manufacturer of pre-engineered masonry fireplaces, indoor and outdoor fireplace kits, chimney systems, fire pits and more.

They are dedicated to providing high-quality products to the custom home market.

With a high-quality, custom designed metal business card like this one, it immediately elevates them from the competition.

9. Aim for the Fences

My Wholesale Business Card | Custom Fence Inspired Stainless Steel Metal Business Card With Red And White Screen Print 13439 1

Rio Grande Fence Co. is a professional fencing company from Nashville, Tennessee and they wanted unique, eye-catching cards that instantly trigger a conversation – here’s what we came up with when our design team set out to design the perfect metal business card for them.

10. White Light

My Wholesale Business Card | White Metal Membership Card With Colorful Full Color Printed Rainbow Logo 1

Signet Financial Management, an SEC Registered Investment Advisor and a fiduciary based in Florida, has been offering wealth management services for over 25 years to clients including high net worth individuals and families, trusts, businesses, and institutions. The company wanted business cards that instantly express the level of trust and high quality service they offer.

Here’s what the professional design team at My Metal Business Cards came up with – something truly unique no one else in the industry can provide: Radiant white metal business card with special cut-out waves matching the company logo, including Pantone-matched Full Color Printing for the logo.

11. Bonus: Multi-Purpose Everyday Branding


My Wholesale Business Card | Stainless Steel Bottle Opener Business Card Key Chain Custom Cutout 13326

You probably got it by now – we at My Metal Business Card always go the extra mile… So, we promised you 10 showcases, but here’s one more!

With this Business Card / Key Ring / Bottle Opener your customers will be sure to keep bumping into your name multiple times per day!

Heck, they can even use this as ice scraper to keep their car windows clear in the winter. Try that with cardstock business cards!

“A Metal Business Card immediately engages a response. There is a level of attention these cards command.” – Brian A.

Ready to have YOUR own impressive metal cards that will wow your prospects and customers?

If you can dream it, chances are we can design and make it.

Just contact us to your artwork ideas.

But what if you don’t have a grand idea in mind? Maybe you just don’t have the time and bandwith to think how to make your cards more creative, and don’t have an expert designer to reach out to?

No problem!

With our expert design and manufacturing team, we’ve got you covered.

Leave it to our seasoned team of senior designers – they will work with you to create a unique and unforgettable business card that will tie in seamlessly with your company’s brand. (You already saw above what they are capable of!)

You will receive a custom design within one (1) business day from your order.

You can safely place an order today to get started – your cards will not go into production until you are 100% satisfied with the design!

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